HALO Investment Research Platform

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The HALO Investment Research Platform has been developed by market professionals who have been actively investing in global equity markets for many decades. We bring institutional-grade analytical frameworks to everyday investors. HALO provides company and market insights rather than data and information. But don’t take our word for it, road-test it for yourself.

Discover the powerful features within this investment research platform.

HALO is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We continually update HALO with new analytic capability to give you the edge you need. What you see today is only the beginning...


Powerful Analytical frameworks

Integrated Chart - Visualise Price, Profitability, Market Expectations, Events and Signals

Time series analytical frameworks – understanding the journey provides perspective

Powerful Scanner - Analyse companies using your own criteria

Unique Portfolio Analysis tool - Focus on Total Return


In-Built Monitors and Frameworks

Institutional grade signals - built over many decades based on different market conditions

In-Built Monitors - combine various components of price and expectation formation to take the guess work out of Buy.Accumulate.Sell, the heart of investment decision making

Factor analysis - provides a rigorous framework to compare companies


Suitable for all types of Investors and Advisors

What type of investor or analyst are you? Long-Term, Short-Term, All-Weather, DIY, Adviser, Fund Manager, Financial Planner or Treasury Manager. HALO can help.

Long-Term strategies - Supports your research effort to efficiently analyse companies

Short-Term strategies – Fully exposed HALO proprietary models are provided.

Company Analysis

Powerful Analytical frameworks

The Integrated Chart is the centrepiece for analysing any company within HALO. This enables you to:

  • Visualise Price, Profitability, Market Expectations, Events and Signals all in the one chart
  • Understand the journey of a company over time
  • View absolute and relative valuation concepts including Forward PE, EV/EBITDA, Yield and Consensus Price Target
  • Overlay an expanding library of Technical models
  • Add your own content including drawing support and resistance lines for active alerts


Portfolio Analysis

Focussed on the total return of your portfolio.

By importing your historical transactions, there are unique views that only HALO provides. By looking at your portfolio through the HALO lens, you will probably have never viewed a portfolio in the same way before. Unique views contained in HALO are:

  • Total return chart with a breakdown by the contribution by security
  • Dividend payout schedule by month
  • Time series analysis of your portfolio exposures
  • Scenario Analysis

HALO List Management

Make your daily review of opportunities and risks productive – don’t waste your time looking at opportunities that don’t meet your disciplined investment criteria.

Build your own lists – Your Favourites, Your Scans, Your Portfolios.

Use HALO lists to find opportunities and risk manage positions.

Intersect your lists and HALO lists – optimise your entry and exits –a truly unique feature. .

HALO Factor Analysis

Company Factor Panel - with its intuitive colour-coding, enables you see effortlessly what strengths or weaknesses a company may have.

HALO provides numerous models for your use inclusive of Beta, Liquidity, and other Factor-based strategies includingHALO MQV.

HALO MQV is highly correlated with other quantitative strategies which dominate the Australian quantitative equity stage. HALO brings you closer to understanding why these strategies have become so successful and why HALO MQV is powerful in its own right.

HALO Alerts – Coming Soon!

Alerts in HALO focus on several moving parts which should be a component of any investor’s monitoring arsenal.

Price changes, company announcements and research update notification will form the basis of alerts. Here the user can select any list within HALO and remain up-to-date during the day.

In addition, your HALO environment can be easily tailored to produce alerts for price changes relative to extendable Support/Resistance lines.


More and more investors want to take direct control of their portfolios, but they may not have the proper tools and resources to do the analysis to support their investment decisions. The HALO Investment Research Platform enables investors to both analyse companies as well as their portfolio with all the critical metrics they need.

Nicolas Bryon, Creator.


  • For individual users who want to turbo charge their Investment Research.
  • Advanced Security analysis including the powerful Integrated Chart, multi-decade Financials, Valuations and Recommendation screens.
  • Advanced Portfolio Analysis with unique views including the Expected Dividend chart.
  • Market overview including the powerful scanner, market aggregates and the most condensed Short sale screen.
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HALO Advisor

  • For Advisors with a group of clients who actively use HALO.
  • Strengthen relationships through transparency and show your clients how you’re buying and selling securities.
  • Manage your client book as an integrated book of securities and productively react to information that comes to hand.
  • Access to HALO Active Opportunities – Your one-stop screen for all HALO opportunities.
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HALO+ - Coming Soon

  • More advanced features will be introduced over coming months including Leverage Analysis.
  • Leverage Analysis incorporates correlation models across macroeconomic and industry data. This analysis will enable a much deeper understanding of what should be driving share prices prior to expectations being revised i.e. get ahead of the curve.
  • Security analysis will be further developed with core factor analysis presented in a new way
  • New, more powerful, signals will be introduced
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